On Parentheticals

Nov 28, 2017   ◦   ~ 100 words / 1 minute   ◦   thoughts

I’ve noticed that my writings, informal as they are, tend to have a lot of parentheticals. (I don’t think I’m imagining it.)

As I consider it, I think it’s actually pretty true to my speaking style. I have a habit of using verbal parenthesis – sotto voce or sometimes just quickly uttered compound sub-thoughts – rather often. (Maybe I’m just a crazy person.)

(Maybe I should have gotten into LISP. (Oops, too late. (Bah, it’s a dead language anyway. (Right?))))

I think I’m fine with it. As I say, it is rather accurate to who I am. But some people might find it annoying/distracting. What say you?

About the art: It’s from Arzach by the late, great Jean Giraud. A.k.a. Mœbius.


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