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Sculptember 2021 Nov 6, 2021   ◦   ~ 200 words / 1 minute

Sculptember! Again!

The Teaching Trap Jun 25, 2021   ◦   ~ 600 words / 3 minutes

Reports vary on the number of successful full-time indie authors. There aren’t a lot of 'em. Why is that?

Sculptember 2020 Oct 4, 2020   ◦   ~ 550 words / 3 minutes

Another September is now in the books. It was a notable month for so, so many reasons. Not the least of which is Sculptember!

Everything Old is New Again Oct 3, 2020   ◦   ~ 1,350 words / 7 minutes

Worldwide pandemic. Extreme political incompetence. Election tampering. Partisan stupidity. There are tons of things I could write about. But instead of those blood-pressure inflating topics, how about something completely different?

The Threat of AI isn't What You Think Nov 23, 2019   ◦   ~ 600 words / 3 minutes

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) a threat to humanity? Without question, yes. Is it going to take over the world and decide that humans are its biggest enemy and kill us all?

Consider The Source Nov 9, 2019   ◦   ~ 1,100 words / 6 minutes

We are in an age where nothing can be taken at face value. But does that mean we have to disbelieve all that we read? Is everything “fake news?”

Sculptember 2019 Nov 5, 2019   ◦   ~ 500 words / 3 minutes

I’ve been challenging myself to new creative projects lately, attempting to stretch my creative horizons. For September, I decided to participate in the Sculptember 2019 challenge.

The Best Laid Plans... Dec 12, 2018   ◦   ~ 300 words / 2 minutes

In a previous post I talked about my youthful love of coding games. I stand by everything I wrote there, but I thought I’d post an update after the release of my second little game: Drumpf Flinger 9000.

The Infamous Date Dec 8, 2018   ◦   ~ 500 words / 2 minutes

When I was growing up, my grandfather would call to wish me a happy birthday every year. Each conversation would start with the same sentence: “It was a date which will live in infamy…”

Beware Weighing Numbers Too Heavily Sep 18, 2018   ◦   ~ 650 words / 3 minutes

Weight alone is not a good indicator of body composition, general health, or fitness. In fact, arbitrary numbers aren’t the end-all be-all that you might think.

Fiction Fridays Jun 11, 2018   ◦   ~ 150 words / 1 minute

There’s only so much reading about theory you can do before you have to get stuck in and do the work.

Working Towards Less (of Me) Jun 3, 2018   ◦   ~ 850 words / 4 minutes

On my mission of spare tire reduction and attempting to look good in a t-shirt, here’s what I’ve done to drop 40 lbs over the last 6 months.

Writing is Problem Solving Squared Jun 2, 2018   ◦   ~ 200 words / 1 minute

I remember a meme that made the rounds a while back. It’s a photo of a guy looking abstractly into the distance with a caption that reads: “Writer hard at work.” It’s 100% truth.

Making Games Mar 6, 2018   ◦   ~ 300 words / 2 minutes

Some lessons I’ve learned making my first two games in Unity…

The Mind + Body Connection Mar 3, 2018   ◦   ~ 600 words / 3 minutes

I used to joke that my body is just a meat-based mechanical contraption whose sole purpose was to transport my brains around. (Maybe I watched too much Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid… 'Course that’d make me Krang. Hmm.)

On Placebos Mar 1, 2018   ◦   ~ 850 words / 4 minutes

The power of the human mind is staggering.

Storyboard Comics Feb 27, 2018   ◦   ~ 250 words / 1 minute

Marvel calls them Infinite Comics. Mark Waid just calls them Digital Comics. Their founding-father Yves Bigerel (Balak) calls them Turbomedia. But personally speaking, I prefer to call them Storyboard Comics.

Capitalism is the Codification of Greed Feb 18, 2018   ◦   ~ 400 words / 2 minutes

A lot of people seem to think that Democracy and Capitalism are the same things. I’m not sure when that happened. Maybe it’s always been assumed?

A Purposeful Maker Jan 26, 2018   ◦   ~ 250 words / 1 minute

You’re at a party, having a good time, when your friend comes over and introduces you to someone new. What’s the first question this new person asks you?

Mindfulness via Gadgetry Dec 25, 2017   ◦   ~ 400 words / 2 minutes

December can be a tough month. The temperature drops to uncomfortable levels. The sun is ever receding until that glorious winter solstice arrives, heralding its return. Oh yeah, and my birthday happens too.

The Road Not Taken Dec 4, 2017   ◦   ~ 650 words / 3 minutes

When I was a kid, my parents picked up a game/app for the Commodore 64 called the Arcade Game Construction Kit. Thanks to that, I spent almost as much time making video games as I did playing them.

On Parentheticals Nov 28, 2017   ◦   ~ 100 words / 1 minute

I’ve noticed that my writings, informal as they are, tend to have a lot of parentheticals. (I don’t think I’m imagining it.)

Second Efforts Nov 19, 2017   ◦   ~ 200 words / 1 minute

When writing my mini-review of Artemis I starting thinking about how hard it must be to follow up a successful first book. Two of my favorite new sci-fi authors (Andy Weir/The Martian and Ernie Cline/Ready Player One) have done it recently, to varying levels of success.

Sometimes Simplicity Isn't Worth It Nov 12, 2017   ◦   ~ 200 words / 1 minute

A little while ago I rebooted this site using WordPress. It was easy. Click one button to install, and I’m up and writing. I know it’s had some security issues, but I figured it’d be more stable/secure by now… Right? Care to guess what happened?

On Content Ownership May 7, 2017   ◦   ~ 250 words / 1 minute

The other day I stumbled across an old blog of mine from 2003. It was a bit of a time capsule. Which is rather cool. I can remember what I was up to, uh, a lot of years ago. It also started me thinking a bit about content ownership and where I share things online.

Selling vs Leading Apr 14, 2017   ◦   ~ 150 words / 1 minute

One lesson I’ve learned in 20 years of software development is this: Think twice before working for any company run by a salesman.

A Day in the Life... Mar 12, 2012   ◦   ~ 50 words / < 1 minute

Read the exciting comic based on a day in my life.