Tag: werewolf

A Ghoulish Game of Death Oct 31, 2021   ◦   ~ 1,550 words / 8 minutes

Reaching a window that looked out into the shadowed grounds, Gigi turned and continued his manic march. His path was visible to all as ectoplasmic trails along the floor of the old manor’s library. “I have detected until there was no detecting left to be detected. As a result of this most exhaustive investigation, I’ve come to the conclusion that the killer is in this very room.”

Terrorforming Mars Jun 7, 2018   ◦   ~ 750 words / 4 minutes

It was Fen’s condition that landed him this “assignment” at the Mars Extra-Human Terraforming Colony No. 214. They used a lot of words when naming this facility, but somehow they left out the operative one: Penal.